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Gullviks is crop protection and advisory service for every generation.

At Gullviks we follow our tradition to do a little bit more than can be expected from us. In a number of studies our customers testify to this fact. We are proud and devoted. Plant protection is our speciality!

Gullviks is a privately-owned company in a market where cooperatives dominate. Gullviks is a member of The Berner Group Companies, located in Finland with its head office in Helsinki. The Berner Group goes back to the latter part of the 19th century. The resources of the mother company guarantee the future of Gullviks.

Gullviks is a company with a long tradition within the plant protection area and stands for deep and up-to-date knowledge in our field. We understand the requirements of our customers and we are enthusiastic about helping them out at all times and in all situations. This is proven in our good relations with our customers.

Gullviks is constantly working on improvements, and our focus is always on the benefit of our customers.

Gullviks is always operating close to our customers. We can give advice and suggestions on how to optimize your measures against harmful effects on crops. Our products are usually universal but our representatives are unique in their competence and knowledge about the most effective dosage and finding alternative possibilities.

Gullviks suggests the relevant product and its relevant dosage so that the effect will meet the demand and not more! We seek to avoid overdosing that could often have a detrimental effect on our common environment. Our attitude is based not only on decisions from the Swedish Chemical Board, but also on official field studies and practical usage all over the country of Sweden.

Our business is to make your business flourish!